Since March 2019 I publish my short stories again uniformly on one website, to be found under – https:erdigorchfock.com – the heading „short stories, chapter 2019″. This English language website is slowly being discontinued. I would be happy, if my english readers would follow me. Have a nice Sunday.

Erdi Gorch Fock

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My first short story, since the merging of my two websites, I write in German ( I think in an north “german dialect“ and try to write German ) and secondly I create the attempt to translate everything into English ( more into a light North German English ). Anyone who knows me knows how to write everything far away from a chronology and concept. Right-wing errors pass me far away from my butt. “Whom of us is without fault and blame? They will drops (throw) the stone, won’t they?“ – freely borrowed from Mounty Python from the German version “Life from Erdi Gorch Fock“

What has not already been told and written on this subject in pro- and contra. Back in the thick of it. . . Well. . . only few sentence aslike example.

National Woman days 2019

. . . questioningly listening into me. Are valuations important and should we only take time once a year for this, men? Let’s stand in front of the mirror, my dear conspecifics, take a look at our washing facilities alone, in a dull silence, i. e. bathroom or bath and toilet. When was the last time we cleaned this place? Yeah, I’ll talk to the men on International Women’s Day. Driven by the thought ”the country needs strong men“ I set a good example, looking at my toilet every day. Am I noticing what’s missing? Is everything there ? just to simply and simply say every day,”Well, it’s possible, as it looks here, see the toilet another day“ and already I concentrate all my energy far away from this place and quickly transport myself to my sofa, an idyll of peace.

When do I have time to clean? in the morning I’m tired, after breakfast I have no time, because I have important things to do and when I come home I don’t feel like thinking about what my toiliette looks like anymore.

Did I catch you men? No matter if you live alone or not, if you grow up with or without children and animals and what else you have to do, just to not think of this banal point.”International Women’s Day or when was the last time I went to the toilet“, is the topic today.

It doesn’t matter what the difference is – cleaning, cooking, caring, working and much more – millions of women around the world do it every day, not us men. Without complaining, women lift more loads on their shoulders than we men would like to believe. Anyone ( men ) who has ever done everything in the household from 06:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m. knows that this is “worth more than just a normal man’s everyday life”.