About me

Biography: Some time ago I moved from Hamburg to NRW. Now, in calm waters, with 50 years, married and far from the old home, I try to reflect in short stories, which I here as an „living exile Hamburgereverything goes through my and your head.

Update at 01/05/2020

unreguklar, i dont make something at my english pages. I integrate all things at my main pages ( erdigorchfock.com ) since 2019


My profiles in youtube: Erdi Gorch Fock , on work, i hope next time my link are be ready again, under google: Erdi Gorch Fock , the profil account closed at 2019 finally but no last, check it outI am happy if you since in my circles or on my channel.
under Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/41874932-erdi-gorch-fock

Notes; I closed my englisch website http://erdigorchfock63.wordpress.com/ on 10/16/2020

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